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$299.00 USD

Designed to empower, for a woman on the go, the Power and Passion Midi Dress with Sleeves is a classic cut that has been crafted to accentuate the female figure whilst remaining comfortable. Red, vibrant and powerful, Power and Passion is felt by the wearer and noticed by those around the woman who wears it. It is a bold dichotomy of prints - the majestic cheetah and wild zebra meet bright, in full bloom florals throughout. Powerful, potent red meets, in stark contrast, striking black, as well as pure white to offset the balance of power with a touch of purity. This is a print for the versatile woman who feels bold in her decisions and confident in her choices. A slimline style that allows movement throughout the day, perfect for the office to take you into after-work drinks, style with statement heels, and a Czarina Jacket for a complete look.

Ruby red with wild animal decal and gold linework

Round neckline

Fitted design

Long sleeves

Knee length


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