Czarina is the zenith of luxury fashion resort wear brand. It’s a collection of exotic, sensual and glamorous haute couture Kaftans. Designer Nikki’s zeal for colors and free flowing clothing has enhanced the fashion world’s ageless and time-less dress style-the Kaftan. She founded Czarina in 2012 to give every woman an elegant silhouette. Born with an eye for designs and artistry, her "Haute Couture" and "Resort Wear" reflects her signature style. Her collections reverberate with beautiful detailing and hand made embellishments of semi precious stones, beads and silk threads.

The eye-catching vibrant colors, delicate/bold patterns , stylish graphic prints blended with a contemporary "twist" attract the attention of any woman who looks for an upmarket and "ravishing" kaftans. The creations are simply affordable and come in a combination of fabrics including Silks and Viscose. These highly versatile items are sure to beautify any woman’s wardrobe.

Nikki’s endless energy and passion drives her to churn out unexpected and stunning array of new creations every season. Her Haute Couture is sure to break boundaries and is rapidly earning her the reputation of the most chic designer. She has never looked back and has now established an international following, collaborating with noted designers to realize her bohemian dream.