Unveil Your Beauty with The Timeless Kaftan

Worn for countless generations, cultures across the world have long recognised the ineffable beauty and sensational flowing grace of the kaftan. Surging to popularity in the West in the latter half of last century as the final word in elegant summer and evening wear, this sensational and striking garment has proved to be endlessly fertile ground for fashion designers such as Czarina’s founder, Nikki.

Carrying on a line of kaftan-inspired innovators which includes Christian Dior and Balenciaga, she has imbued the Czarina range of dresses and jumpsuits with a combination of timeless appeal and modern zest for design. Look through our catalogue to find the variation on this classic design which speaks to you, and embrace the magnificence.

Bring Haute Couture to your home with our chic designs

Despite its simple and sleek appearance, there is an incredible depth of opportunity when it comes to designing kaftans, meaning Czarina never lack for new spectacles to release in our seasonal ranges. The type of fabric, type and combination of prints, the design of the tunic and how it hangs on the body; all of these things and more are in the hands of a designer as they consider the desired look and function of the garment. Czarina have kaftans to suit any occasion – a night out on the town, a day by the resort pool, entertaining dinner guests and many more. Owing to their freedom of movement and flattering silhouette, kaftans have become especially popular for mor active situations, when the weather is warmer or for women in pregnancy.

Feel sleek in silks from our extensive range

While our passion and specialty is for the kaftan in all its varieties, Czarina also extends our vision to other garments which can benefit from our signature fine silks and rich printed designs. Shop through our selection of silk dresses, tops, corsets, tunics, pyjamas, and jumpsuits. Taken from the same school of design, all of our quality garments share a common inspiration and aesthetic, making them a striking choice in combination or alone. 

Get your glimpse of glamour through our online store 

Czarina’s range is available in its entirety through our user-friendly web store. You can also use our site to sign up for our newsletter or view our gallery. You can follow our brand on social media, and direct any enquiries to nikki@czarinakaftans.com.au or our website’s contact form.